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100th Anniversary of Grand Central Terminal

Completed in 1913 Grand Central Terminal stands as one of America's greatest transportation hubs. Over the course of a colorful 100-year history, Grand Central has gone from being the start and end points of long-distance rail travel, to being a destination for commuters, tourists and residents that boasts restaurants, cocktail lounges, and more. Its storied Vanderbilt Hall is one of the most-desired public events spaces in the city.
A Triumph of Engineering and Architecture
Grand Central Terminal has long been recognized as a landmark for architectural achievement. However, the railroad station is also a triumph in civil engineering, because the much of the engineering that went into constructing the terminal is largely hidden from public view--including its massive underground two-story train yard, the terminal encompassed a total area of 69.8 acres, has 123 tracks including 46 with platforms. With the planned completion of Metro-North's East Side Access project into Grand Central - including a new concourse and platforms for Long Island Railroad trains- Long Island commuters will be able to travel directly to Manhattan's east side, extending the impact and importance of Grand Central Terminal.
100th Anniversary Celebration
Throughout 2013 a series of events will be held to celebrate the Centennial of Grand Central. We, at The Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast would like to wish Grand Central Terminal a very Happy 100th Birthday, and encourage everyone to make the trip to New York City and visit this historic American icon of rail history!! Just remember it's a Terminal, not a Station!! It is an easy day trip from our location in the Harrisburg PA area to New York City when you take Amtrak! Spend the day in the city then come back to Central Pennsylvania and relax in the country with us!! Visit us online and call 717-957-2438 to book a room!!
Flight of the Butterflies in 3D 2/1 to 3/31/13

Bask in the majesty of the Monarch butterfly! The Flight of the Butterflies in 3D follows the year-long annual migration cycle of the monarch butterflies. An award-winning production team filmed hundreds of millions of monarchs in their remote wintering sanctuaries in Mexico.
The technology of IMAX immerses you in the astounding migration experience as two generations of the butterflies migrate north and then a Super Generation miraculously finds its way from Canada to a few isolated mountaintops in Mexico - to a place it has never been! The Whitaker Center offers world-class exhibitions, the latest in IMAX films and hosts the finest in live performances and events.
The Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast's up-close view of the steady flowing Susquehanna River and mountainous scenery has an abundance of beauty to be shared. To make a reservation call 717-957-2438 or click to take a virtual tour! The Bridgeview B&B provides clean comfortable lodging for Central Pennsylvania and the Harrisburg PA area. Our laid back atmosphere and beautiful scenic location is sure to please! Be sure to look at all of our guest comments on, Trip Advisor . Check out our Facebook page for pictures, daily updates, and even more guest comments.
See Rockville Bridge

See the world famous Rockville Bridge, up close and personal, at The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast!! This historic 110 year old, stone arch bridge is still in use and you can see over 60 trains a day going across it. The Rockville Bridge is the longest stone arch bridge in the world. Constructed between 1900-1902, by the Pennsylvania Railroad, with forty-eight 70 foot spans, for a total length of 3,820 feet, it has survived the passing of time from steam locomotives to modern diesels, floods, ice and snow. What a picture perfect scene, to see a train crossing the bridge with the beautiful Susquehanna River and Blue Mountain Range serving as a "back-drop". From wildlife to trains, you never know what you'll see next at The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast! Call 717-957-2438 or click today for rates and reservations!! Also, visit our Facebook Page for daily updates, pictures and guest comments. Make the Bridgeview B&B your lodging destination for Rockville Bridge, central Pennsylvania and the Harrisburg PA area!!
Pennsylvania Home Show March 3-10 2013

Tired of staying in the same old stuffy hotel while attending a PA Farm Show Event? Or wish you could escape the hustle and bustle of Harrisburg, Pa's city life?
Come lounge around our peaceful country atmosphere at The Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast. Each of our warm cozy rooms has a private bath, a wi-fi connection and includes a refreshing continental breakfast!! Just a 10 minute drive to The PA Farm Show Complex, where The 39th Annual Pennsylvania Home Show will be held! If you're looking to remodel that kitchen, lay new flooring or just see what's new, this is your opportunity!
From the agricultural shows that gave the building its name The PA Farm Show Complex is one place in Central Pennsylvania where you can experience a multitude of shows and events throughout the year!
Make The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast your lodging destination for PA Farm Show Complex events in the Harrisburg PA area of Central Pennsylvania. To make a reservation at The Bridgeview B&B call 717-957-2438 or click to take a virtual tour! Also be sure to look at all of our guest comments at, Trip Advisor and, check out our Facebook page for pictures, daily updates, and even more guest comments.

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