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Outdoor dining begins TODAY in parts of Pennsylvania

With things gradually returning to normal, some of the restrictions are being relaxed, and a lot of PA restaurants are opening up with outdoor dining. Take out is still available at most places, as well as mixed drinks and beer to go.
Luckily, we are in a zone where outdoor dining begins. This is a great step closer to The Bridgeview reopening. Although we had hoped to be open by now, we feel that for the safety of our guests and ourselves it is not prudent to do so at this time. When we have a re-opening date it will be posted post on our website and Facebook Page.
Please continue to be patient. We know it is difficult for all of you, and us too!!
To see why The Bridgeview B&B is the best lodging choice in Central Pennsylvania, just check out Trip Advisor for guest reviews and our webpage for rates and room pictures.
717-957-2438 is the number to call to book your stay.
National Hug your cat day

Today is National Hug your cat day!!
We know that a lot of our guests are cat lovers.
Take a pic of you and your furry friend(s) and share with our friends!!!
We, at The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast miss all of you during this time and would love to see you, one way or another!!
Give us a call at 717-957-2438 to plan your trip for when things get back to normal!!
We hope to see all of you soon!!
Today is National Egg day

Here at The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast, we cook a lot of eggs during our normal busy season, April through November. To celebrate National Egg Day, we are going to do a survey.
On an average week, how many dozen eggs do you think we use?? I'll give you a hint, we could use our own chickens most of the year!! Comment below with your guess and we will let you know who came closest to our estimate!!
Visit our website for information, and call 717-957-2438 to book your stay!!
National Leave the office early day!

June 2nd is National Leave the Office Early Day!!
Woohoo!! Everyone is sure to enjoy marking National Leave the Office Early Day on their calendar. Observed each year on June 2nd (unless June 2nd falls on a weekend, at which time it would be acknowledged on the closest working day) It is an incentive to many who often work more than 40 hours each week.
This year for those working at home, feel free to "knock off" early!!
Another incentive to those who work too much is - VACATION!!! A great place to get away and relax is The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast. Located on the banks of the Susquehanna River, directly beside the Rockville Bridge, our view is amazing!! All clean and cozy rooms come with private baths, individual A/C, wifi, and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy yourself, or relax and enjoy the view.
Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor and call 717-957-2438 to book your stay!!

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