Bridgeview B&B
810 South Main Street
Marysville, PA 17053

Phone: (717) 957-2438

postheadericon Pictures of the Day

Brendan Flaherty looks on Monday as a quartet of NS locomotives including the Interstate Heritage Unit bring a long manifest train across Rockville Bridge and into Enola yard. At Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast.
Eastbound stack train on a beautiful summer evening at Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast.
NS 8100 and a mate have an intermodal train on a roll westbound across Rockville Bridge Sunday. At Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast.
But seriously folks!! Off in the distance it looks like a KCS Southern Belle Unit hauling he local from Harrisburg to Enola across Rockville Bridge on Saturday. But wait, it is running long end forward!! At Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast.

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