Bridgeview B&B
810 South Main Street
Marysville, PA 17053

Phone: (717) 957-2438

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Old GE's still live

Older Conrail GE standard cab loco leads on a westbound stack train crossing Rockville bridge. Taken from the deck at the Bridgeview Bed and Brerakfast
Rare CN GE Cowl Unit

A rare CN GE cowl unit leads a train into Enola Yard off the Buffalo Line on Mon 2/15. Taken from the Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast.
Amtrak in the Snow

The westbound Pennsylvanian kicks up some snow at Cove Pa on Sun 2/14
Eastbound Roadrailer

Second section of the Eastbound roadrailer is shown east of Newport on Sun 2/6

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